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Lee Fritz
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Welcome to the Backwoods Preserve website. We are located in Bremen, Indiana (20 miles S of South Bend, 100 miles SE of Chicago, 60 miles W of Fort Wayne, IN). We offer you over 60 years of experience pertaining to your outdoor experience. We offer a premium Whitetail Deer hunts, Elk hunts, some exciting Exotic hunts, along with Upland Game Bird hunts to fill your spare time. If you’re interested in the Deer Farm Industry, we offer some of the TOP GENETICS.

Lee Fritz:  I started hunting when I was 8 years old.  I would follow my dad into the woods, and as commanded, I would not make a sound.  I have used the skills that my dad taught me and have become a great hunter.  I was a  Colorado hunting guide for mule deer, antelope and elk for 7 years.  If you are interested in taking a party out to Colorado, I would love to recommend some reputable outfitters.  I have hunted the Western states, Alaska and Canada.  I have hunted deer, birds, black bear, grizzly, caribou and moose. My largest rack was an elk who had a 368 BC score that I shot in Livingston, Montana with a Remington 270.

Charlie Fritz:  A seasoned hunter.  Specializing in animals with antlers.  I have been hunting for 48 years.  I have  hunted in Alaska, Canada, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Vermont.   The largest animal  I shot was a 60 inch moose in Alaska (see racks section).  I love hunting so much that I have a room in my home that has 15 mounted trophies.